Bowrain (1983, Ljubljana) is a contemporary composer, pianist, and producer. In 2014 he released his debut album Far Out, which he recorded in Amsterdam. The release of the album was held in Amsterdam’s Sugarfactory, followed by numerous performances as a support to main acts such as LAMB, Garden City Movement, Fennesz, Perera Elsewhere, Arms and Sleepers. To date, he has released several singles, one album, and one EP. His previous studio recordings used to be entirely individual, however, the upcoming album DISTRACTED is a collaboration with Ljubljana based guitarist and producer Mario Babojelić – UM and German drummer Robert Nitschke. 



Bowrain - piano, keyboards, vocals, production
Mario Babojelić - guitars, production
Robert Nitschke - drums
Ema Kobal - cellos
Vita Kobal - violins
JAŠA - spoken word and text on “Time” 
Jernej Černalogar - mixing and producing
Jure Vlahovič - additional sounds on “Saudade” 
Gregor Zemljič - mastering

JAŠA, Rosa Lux - cover design, photo
Meta Grgurevič - drawing
JAŠA, Charlie Stein - cover image

Released by Kapa Records, 2017
©All rights reserved