COMING UP : Sajeta Art & Music Festival

Bowrain (1983, Ljubljana) is a contemporary composer, pianist, and producer. In 2014 he released his debut album Far Out, which he recorded in Amsterdam. The release of the album was held in Amsterdam’s Sugarfactory, followed by numerous performances as a support to main acts such as LAMB, Garden City Movement, Fennesz, Perera Elsewhere, Arms and Sleepers. To date, he has released several singles, one album, and one EP. His previous studio recordings used to be entirely individual, however, the upcoming album DISTRACTED is a collaboration with Ljubljana based guitarist and producer Mario Babojelić – UM and German drummer Robert Nitschke. 



Nov 25 Phila - Musicbox, Lisboa Portugal

Nov 22 Bowrain solo piano - Jazz v Hendrixu, Koper

Nov 6 Layerjeva hiša, Kranj

Nov 4 Distracted album release concert - Stara mestna elektrarna, Ljubljana

Sep 21 4th European Jazz Conference 2017 – Cankar Centre, Ljubljana

Aug 12 Kamfest – Container Doxa, Kamnik

Jul 25 Musibox – Casper Clausen + Phila, Lisboa Portugal

Jul 21 Walk and Talk – Phila, Azores Portugal

Jul 1 Klub CD – Container Doxa, Jazz Festival Ljubljana 

Jun 16 MGLC Ljubljana – Silenzio

May 17 AGRFT Ljubljana – Kamnitit Čevlji

Mar 29 Kino Šiška – Piano Day 2017, Ljubljana

Mar 7 Klub CD, Ljubljana

Feb 24 Wetrinsky, Maribor

Feb 16 Gala Hala, Ljubljana

Feb 1 Kino Šiška – MENT, Ljubljana


Dec 30 IZIS festival, Riba Isola

Dec 25 Mestna kavarna, Idrija

Nov 19 Pritličje, Ljubljana

Nov 12 Dvorana Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor

Oct 8 The Relations by JAŠA, Frieze London 2016

Sep 24 Festival Aleste, Madeira (with Phila)

Sep 23 Damas, Lisboa (with Phila)

Sep 10 Festival Cmakajne

Sep 9 Festival Lutke, Ljubljana

Sep 8 Indigo Festival, Ljubljana

Aug 13 Festival Urbano Dejanje, Ljubljana

Jun 17 Fennesz + Sculpture + Bowrain, at Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

May 12 Layerjeva hiša Kranj, part of Festival In Memoriam prof. Peter Hafner

Apr 6 – Apr 14 Westway Lab Festival

Mar 31 – Apr 2 Tallin Music Week festival

Mar 28 Piano Day Ljubljana

Feb 5 MENT festival

Feb 6 Radio Marš

Feb 7 Green Room, Zabok


Dec 19 COX-Amsterdam

Nov 22 Le Mini Who, Utrecht

Oct 1 – Nov 21 Venice Art Biennial (Music for Slovenian pavilion)

Sep 29 COX-Amsterdam

Sep 22 Radio Mortale-Amsterdam

Aug 28 Riiba-Isola

Aug 20 Pritličje – Ljubljana

Jul 14 – Aug 1 Venice Art Biennial (Music for Slovenian pavilion)

Jun 26 Goethe Institut – Amsterdam (opening for Perera Elsewhere)

Jun 24 Stiropor festival – Ljubljana

Jun 5 CoX- Amsterdam

Jun 2 Sugarfactory – Amsterdam (opening for Arms and Sleepers)

May 29 Red Light Radio-Amsterdam

May 5-17 Venice Art Biennal (Music for Slovenian Pavilion)

Mar 3 Kino Šiska – Ljubljana (opening for Lamb)

Feb 26 Tobacna – Ljubljana

Jan 30 CoX – Amsterdam

Jan 28 Red Light Radio – Amsterdam